Report: Leicester v East Newport
19th June 2011
Report: Tim Jarvis

After three heats East Newport were able to claim the inside gate positions, despite this the visitors could not provide a heat winner in what was a very ordinary match.

There were some interesting races though, Jason Ashford coming from the back in heat fifteen to take the win after partner Nick Whitehead moved at the tapes, Aaron Hughes keeping Adam Peck at the back in heat five, and Carl Jarvis, allocated five grid fours, making passes in three of his races, but generally it was not an exciting affair.

Leicester were simply awesome. Ashford, Yelland, Stephenson and the evergreen Skinner all went through the card whilst Peck and Jarvis were beaten just once.

Unusual incident of the day award must go to Craig Marchant. Coming out of the fourth bend in heat sixteen, he suffered a very loud explosive puncture which threw him from his machine, the following Matt Davies suspecting that we had snipers in the trees!

East Newport, despite being well beaten, never gave up. Matt Davies, Dan Bock and Neil Power all managed to finish in front of a home rider whilst Arron Herbert kept pushing hard and deserved more for his efforts.

Leicester 115: A Stephenson 20, L Yelland 18+2, J Ashford 17+3, C Jarvis 16+2, A Peck 15+2, C Marchant 12+4, M Skinner 12, N Whitehead 5

East Newport 60: D Bock 9, M Davies 9+1, N Evans 9+1, A Herbert 9, A Hughes 8+1, C Davies 8, N Power 6, R Absolom 2

Combination: Leicester 81 East Newport 49


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