Sheffield v Leicester
Location: Bochum Parkway, Sheffield
Event: 21 August 2011

With both teams missing vital members of their squads and the outcome of the result going along way to deciding the final outcome of the 2011 Premier League, both sides needed to maximise every opportunity.

Leicester started well with a 7-3 from Nowacki and Peck however Sheffield hit back with a well taken 6-4 courtesy of Angell and Hoyland to keep the scores close in the opening exchanges. Leicester began to forge ahead and a couple of exclusions to the home side’s Nathan Groves didn’t help the Sheffield team. Radek Handke started well for the Stars and was well pleased with his efforts in lowering the colours of World Champion Lukas Nowacki. However Leicester were packing the minor places and piling up the points proving what strength in depth they have, Sheffield were lacking that and beginning to struggle.

By the interval the Monarchs had built up an eight point advantage and Sheffield needed to quickly get back into the match if they were going to cause a serious threat, unfortunately two shared heats and a one point advantage from the first three races after the break were never going to be enough. Sheffield just didn’t capitalise on their opportunities, two examples being exclusions to the visitors only yielding two extra points.

Leicester carried on their merry way and by heat 14 the result was never really in doubt, having said that there was plenty of very good racing to keep the good sized crowd entertained, a nasty fall by Sheffield’s Mark Winwood, saw him have to withdraw from the meeting with a suspected broken wrist. A consolation 7-2 to the Stars in the final heat after Nowacki was excluded kept the scoreline close.

Plenty of effort from all concerned but Leicester had that edge today, a well deserved win keeps the Monarchs in the title race with Sheffield still hoping for a top three finish.


Sheffield 83: Radek Handke 17+1, Andy Angell 17, Ryan Hoyland 14, Jamie Brown 12, Lee Grange 11+1, Nathan Groves 4+1, Chris Turner 4, Mark Winwood 4.

Leicester 90: Phil Howells 15+1, Lukas Nowacki 15, Marcus Wadhams 14, Adam Peck 13+2, Craig Marchant 11, Adam Stephenson 10, Jason Ashford 6+2, Kevin Burns 6+1.

Combination League Result

Sheffield 55: Kyle Holland 11, Aiden Owen 10+1, Sandra Tomborska 10, Vicki Brown 8+1, Lewis German 8+1, Laura Watson 6, Liam Webster 2.

Leicester 72: Matt Hartshorn 13+3, Lucy Whitehead 13, Nicky Whitehead 12+3, Lauren Davis 12, Michelle Whitehead 12, Joe kemp 9+2, Charlie Cooper 1.


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