Leicester v Birmingham 

Location: Leicester Cycle Speedway, Leicester
Event: 25 September 2011

This was a great advert for the sport, two evenly matched teams giving it their all and to top it off a last heat decider.

Neither team could manage to pull away, three points being the largest lead either side were able to muster throughout the whole match. Leicester were the first to gain some daylight thanks to a 7-3 from the impressive Marchant and Burns in heat 11.

Birmingham then took the lead in the 14 after a Whitehead gate exclusion but the home side hit back imedialtly with another 7-3. Not to be outdone the visitors hit back with a 7-3 of their own in the very next heat, Leicester’s Frith inspecting the safety fence at close quarters allowing the father and son Timms pairing, through to take a two point lead.

Hoyland inflicted the only defeat on Heard in the next and a Burns third place left the scores level. At the second time of asking Marchant gated over Groves and Hemsley surged between the Birmingham pair entering the third bend. Wadhams briefly challenged for the lead but could find no way past whilst Groves fell whilst in pursuit of Hemsley and Leicester were home by the narrowest of margins.


Leicester 90: Craig Marchant 18+1, Ryan Hoyland 17+1, Dave Hemsley 13+1, Mick Skinner 11+3, Dave Frith 10+1, Joe Kemp 10, Kev Burns 8, Nick Whitehead 3+1.

Birmingham 88: Paul Heard 19, Chris Timms 17+1, Marcus Wadhams 15+1, Nathan Groves 15+1, Phil Widdas 6, Nat Timms 4, Ewan Hancox 2.


Monarchs 86: Ash Doughty 16, Liam Davies 14+2, Lucy Whitehead 13+1, Lee Kemp 12+4, Lauren Davies 12+3, Billy Rewcastle 10, Colin Pole 9.

Birmingham 44: Mark Winwood 11, Ewan Hancox 9, Dylan Hexley 6, Jake Ryan 5, Reece Winwood 5, Lee Arnott 2, Ryan Winwood 1.


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