Leicester v Wednesfield
Location: Leicester Cycle Speedway, Leicester
Event: 2 October 2011
Report: Tim Jarvis

Despite both teams missing riders the crowd of around 150 were treated to some interesting, well refereed racing, the final outcome was never really in doubt but both teams contributed to some good racing.

The Aces started off with a 6-4 from Griffiths and Aris over Nowacki and debutant Liam Davies but Leicester had taken the lead by the fourth and took control of the match. The referee could not split Beharrell and the hard charging Stephenson in the ninth heat awarding joint second behind winner Craig Marchant. The tenth saw Hemsley gate over Norman for the win and partner Burns pass Perry for a 6-4 and the Monarchs were ten points to the good. The next heat saw Beharrell excluded for pushing Nowacki onto the centre green and a Burns pass on Norman gave the home side a 7-2 and a fifteen point lead.

The Aces had the consolation of a 7-2 of their own in the final heat after Hemsley used just too much force trying to pass Mark Griffiths and give the final score line a more respectable look.


Leicester 93.5: Lukas Nowacki 18, Craig Marchant 16, Marcus Wadhams 15+1, Kev Burns 13+1, Adam Stephenson 12.5+3, Jason Ashford 9+2, David Hemsley 9.

Wednesfield 83.5: Mark Griffiths 17, Lee Aris 16+1, Chris Jewkes 16+1, Matt Beharrell 12.5, Terry Norman 10, Ben Higham 6, Nick Perry 4, Sam Parr 2.

Premier Combination

Leicester took a comfortable win in the combination fixture and with it the league title. Nick Perry was unbeaten for the Aces, his biggest challenge coming from reserve Lauren Davies who just lost out in the strength stakes when driving up the inside.


Leicester 74: Mick Skinner 14, Matt Hartshorn 12+2, Ash Doughty 12, Norm Venson 9+1, Colin Pole 8+2, Billy Rewcastle 7+1, Dave Frith 6+1, Lauren Davies 6.

Wednesfield 55-8 = 47: Nick Perry 16, Sam Parr 12, Jordan Holdcroft 10, Mick Aris 9, Aaron O Brian 4, Harry Everiss 3.


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