One thing is for certain, if Sheffield can field their full strength team for the remainder of the season they are going to be a serious bet for the title. Leicester on the other hand could not field their best eight today and paid the price with a heavy defeat. The match was reasonably tight until heat seven, the superb Radek Handke outgated Nowacki and the world champion fell whilst attempting a pass, the resulting maximum to the Stars leaving them eight points to the good. The Monarchs did show more fight after the interval but no one could stop maximum man Handke. The flying Pole had good back up throughout, particularly from the Birks/Hoyland, Angell/Smith pairings. The home side could only manage four heat advantages all afternoon, Nowacki took two wins and reserve Hemsley only dropped one point from the reserve berth but otherwise there wasn’t a great deal of positives for the home supporters to shout about.



Leicester 79 (Lukas Nowacki 14+2, Kev Burns 11, Phil Howells 11, Jason Ashford 11, Adam Peck 11, David Hemsley 10+1, Dan Pike 8, Nick Whitehead 3)

Sheffield 98 (Radek Handke 18+2, Matt Smith 18, Jono Birks 16, Ryan Hoyland 13+1, Andy Angell 13+3, Pawel Idziorek 11, Aiden Owen 5, Dan Chambers 5)

The combination match went Leicester’s way but the Stars battled hard. Mick Skinner notched an untroubled maximum and Carl Jarvis took three rides on his way back to recovery but it was Liam Davies who impressed with his mature riding. Hats off to Vicky Brown who came out for the nominated heat with three last places against her name. Maiking a mockery of this she made a superb start and withstood all the pressure to take the win by half a wheel.

Leicester 73 (Mick Skinner 16, Ash Doughty 13, Carl Jarvis 10+1, Norm Venson 10+3, Liam Davies 10, Joe Kemp 8+1, Colin Pole 4, Jenna Whitehead 2)

Sheffield 57 (Aiden Owen 11, Zach Smurthwaite 10+1, Liam Webster 9, Richard Hudson 8+1, Vicky Brown 7, Lewis German 7, Adam Watson 5)