Visiting “The Polo Mint” track at East Newport is never easy, and despite today’s scoreline the home team didn’t make life easy for the Monarchs. The visitors got off to a good start with a 6-4 from Peck and Hemsley over Jones but the Eastenders hit back with a 6-4 of their own in the very next heat after Stephenson got into difficulties, falling not once but twice. Heat three saw Bock excluded for a ram, Leicester’s top man Howells and Pike taking maximum points in the awarded race.


Leicester then took another maximum just prior to the interval, Stephenson now getting the hang of the track gladly accepted the hole made by Jarvis to pass Bock and at 51-38 things were looking positive. Stephenson’s exploits were far from over though, heat twelve looked ominous after Ashford gained an exclusion from refer Prince – who incidentally was having an excellent match – leaving Stephenson off grid four. As expected he soon found himself at the back but a superb move down the home straight saw him shoot past his opposition to take the win in fine fashion.


East Newport were well served by Jones and Power, Ryan and Arron Hughes gave support and Bock battled hard for little reward but they couldn’t match the visitors strength in depth. This was particularly evident at reserve where Burns and Jarvis scored some sixteen points more than the home pair. Howells dropped just one point to the opposition for the Monarchs and all his team mates contributed well, remarkably only notching two last places on the track all afternoon.


East Newport 77 (R Absolom 8+1, K Jones 16, N Power 16, R Hughes 12, D Bock 8, A Hughes 10, M Davis 4, J Davis 3)


Leicester 100 (A Peck 16, D Hemsley 10+1, A Stephenson 16, J Ashford 11+2, D Pike 10+1, P Howells 17+2, C Jarvis 9+2, K Burns 12)