Whilst Leicester never looked troubled by their visitors the Stoke top four never let the home team relax. Lewis Bates was at his supreme best in notching a twenty point maximum, Simon Munden had an excellent meeting and Thaw and Harrison were always in the action.

Top men for Leicester were Ryan Hoyland and Lukas Nowacki but the star of the day was Liam Davies who, on his senior debut, collected a paid maximum.


Leicester 99 (R Hoyland 18, L Nowacki 17+1. J Kemp 14+1, L Davies 11+1, N Whitehead 11+1, K Burns 11, C Marchant 10+1, A Doughty 7+2)


Stoke 79 (L Bates 20, S Munden 14, R Harrison 14, E Thaw 11+1, K Williams 6, J Phillips 6, R Pope 5, E Beal 3)


The two junior matches were both won by Leicester, Jayden Phillips and in particular Kelvin Williams rode well for Stoke. The Lions can be proud of their win, their top six consisted entirely of female riders and they all gave the boys some very hard races.


Monarchs 77 (Liam Davies 16, Lee Kemp14)

Stoke 53 (K Williams 12+1, L Bates 9)

Lions 71 (Elizabeth Rigley 15, Abi Duckham 10)

Stoke 59 (J Phillips 14, K Williams 12)

And finally a mention to the Stoke senior riders who all rode with a great sense of sportsmanship against the Leicester youngsters, I’m sure eight year old Alfie Cherry will always remember the day he beat Lewis Bates – from the back!!