A superb advert for the sport in every way. Whilst Birmingham were always in control both sets of riders gave it everything, most of the races contained some sort of incident, but even though there was plenty of physical contact it was always fair.

Race of the day was heat 14, Ryan Hoyland and Chris Timms seemed to pass and re-pass on every bend before Timms finally bit the dust,  Scott Millward and Ashley Doughty having their own battle at the rear with the home rider getting past on the third lap. In fact Millward was a top man at reserve, dropping just a single point.

Although Birmingham were undoubtedly the better team, the Monarchs had the star. Step forward thirteen year old Liam Davies, who by rights you wouldn’t think could live with the Birmingham stars, but in fact had a fantastic day collecting a fully deserved fifteen points.

And just to show that not all referees get criticised , the man in the middle – despite the competitive nature of the match – was hardly noticed. Well done Dave Frith.

Birmingham 97 (Scott Millward 19, Paul Heard 16+1, Marcus Wadhams 15+1, Chris Timms 15+1, Paul Timms 12+1, Mark winwood 10+1, Nathan Groves 6, Phil Widdas 4)

Leicester 81 (Liam Davies 15, Ryan Hoyland 14+3, Craig Marchant 14, Norm Venson 11+2, Joe Kemp 9, Nick Whitehead 7+1, Ash Doughty 7+1, Lee Kemp 4+1)

Birmingham 50 (Dylan Hexley 11), Monarchs 80 (Liam Davies 15+1, Liam Wood 14+2, Liam Eldridge 14+1)

Birmingham 71 (Steve Hodgkinson 15+1, Dylan Hexley 14), Lions 58 (Jenna Whitehead 17, Abi Duckham 14)